G'Day Mate

....a warm Aussie greeting to you.


It was over 25 years ago that I was asked to deliver a report to my work colleagues about a four-day trip that I had recently taken.


Back then I was working in the travel industry in Melbourne, Australia and my colleagues needed to know where I had traveled to and what I had experienced. Everything went well, until 30 seconds into my presentation I looked up from my notes to make eye contact with people that I knew; and then terror set in. 


That single experience made me realize that I needed to overcome my fear of public speaking. Better yet, I needed a complete change in my career; I needed to become a training professional and speak on a full-time basis.


"When you start to EXCEL, people start to SPREADSHEET."

Keneilwe Mosupye, on Twitter

Fast forward three decades, today I work in the United States delivering seminars and facilitating workshops; from small classrooms to larger size audiences and I also do 1:1 customized training.... and, I do it with a warm Aussie accent. I also bring my own bow ties.


I am also an instructional designer, a technical writer and I also create, edit and produce video tutorials. 

My interest and expertise is focused solely on one thing: Microsoft Excel.

This great productivity tool has come a long way since I first opened my first Excel spreadsheet about twenty years ago, and then said to myself, "Now what?"


More than ever there is a great demand for employers to motivate employees to learn to use Excel efficiently.

More than ever there is a great demand for individuals to update their resume to show that they can do more with Excel than just crunch numbers and create fancy charts and graphs.


Want to hire and get in touch with someone that eats, breathes and works with Microsoft Excel 24/7 and 365 days a year?

Send me a note or give me a quick call.

Photo images taken in The Land of Enchantment.