What some people are saying. . .

"Took him 5 minutes to teach me about Excel Formulas (the calculation portion) that 12 years of school couldn't."


"We need more instructors like Mr. Chalvarian. Effective, knowledgeable, and entertaining."


"I like that Raphael repeats important information instead of just saying it once."


"Raphael is very organized and knowledgeable. I learnt a lot from him."


"Raphael was amazing. Very funny and kept the audience interested."


"I loved the presenter - he kept the material interesting."


"I was expecting to get disinterested at some point but I was engaged the entire time."


"Came for more knowledge - going home saturated."


"I learned more about Excel today in 8 hrs than in 10 years of using the program."


"Raphael was awesome as our seminar leader. Very knowledgeable and comical. Showed us different ways to do things. Kept my attention and classes attention. Never dull or boring. I will definitely take another class/seminar from Raphael. Great seminar - great material."


"Raphael was a great instructor, he made the class interesting and kept my attention. He did an excellent job in explaining the information so that everyone could understand." 


"Raphael is a pleasure to learn from and a veritable fountain of knowledge."


"Raphael was fun to learn from and explained things in an easy-to-understand manner. Enjoyed the seminar very much!"


"It was great. The speaker really kept my attention. and explained things very well."


"Thank you for repeating some of the material...it helped a great deal. Appreciate your humor and willingness to help participants with specific questions."


"Very happy with today's session. Raphael was very helpful, full of resources and patient  to help others understand Advanced Excel."


"I have taken other classes in Excel in the past and was worried that there would be little expansion but was pleasantly surprised that there were things that was taught today that I did not know from the other classes."


"Raphael gave us a million ideas for possibilities that we could do. Looking forward to trying things out."


"Raphael speaks in a way that makes it easy to understand what he is teaching us."


"Great instructor. Informative and enthusiastic."


"The seminar leader was great, fun, engaging. Accent rocks!"


"The trainer was a great communicator. He really explained things for the adult learner and told both the 'how and 'why' when explaining and presenting."


"Thank you for your help with Excel. Your ideas/input was awesome, you really know your stuff."


"Mr. Chalvarian is an excellent seminar leader - great teacher mixing humor with learning."


"I learned a bunch. This was worth every cent and all of my time."


"The seminar leader was very knowledgeable and easy to follow. Very impressed with overall presentation. I will be able to put everything I learned to use."


 "Almost every topic discussed had a 'take away' that I will go back and use or at least try."


"Way more info than I anticipated. Great tips, tricks and education."


"It was awesome. My Excel skills are gonna rock."


"Wonderful seminar. Well paced. Just right for my needs. I was intimidated before I came in, and now I feel confident to try out these newly learned skills."


"Raphael possess an extensive knowledge about the countless tools and shortcuts within Microsoft Excel."