Transforming Learning into a Fun Experience

Thirty years of experience in engaging learning audiences has shaped me into a purposeful instructor and communicator. My learning programs are presented in a fun and interesting way.


I deliver one-day and two-day programs. I'm predominantly requested to speak or train on how to unravel the mysteries of Microsoft Excel and how to efficiently use this great productivity tool.
I also speak on how to creatively use Microsoft PowerPoint and how to take Microsoft Outlook beyond emails. 


My philosophy for consistent results are: high energy presentations, audience engagement, learner participation, repetition of ideas, breaking down large deliverables  into smaller understandable concepts (or chunking), repetition of concepts before soliciting feedback from the learner so that the message is grasped.

The end result; learner retention.


Can you customize your programs for my team or our large company?

Absolutely. I always like to start by doing some pre-work interviews (needs analysis) to understand your specific need and then finish with post-work assessments to guarantee customer satisfaction and a Return On Investment.


What industries have you worked in or are familiar with?

I've worked in the banking & financial industry in both the Australian and U.S. continents for many years.

I have extensive experience in the  travel & airline industry, and more recently in healthcare and hospitals.

I am familiar with and have limited experience with sports venues and the food industry.


Do you speak and/or train on any topic under the sun?

No, absolutely not. My expertise these days is narrowly focused on Microsoft Excel. But, I also speak and train on any of the Microsoft applications; Outlook, PowerPoint, Word etc. 

I start by showing users the basic steps and then build on the intricate and advanced steps.

You can see a sample list of my speaking and training programs on the next page.


How can we bring you to speak at our location or choice of venue?

I am happy to travel anywhere in the North American continent....or anywhere around the world for that matter.

Contact me to work out a travel plan.

Alternatively, we can opt for a synchronous webinar. ZOOM is a popular platform to use.


Do you always wear bow ties?

I've worn a bow tie since I was a little kid, why stop now. I can still remember as a six-year old, my parents including two bow ties in my wardrobe collection; a grey and a tartan colored clip-on pair.


Can you produce some video courses or short tutorials for us?

Absolutely. Let's talk so I can determine your audience's needs.


When dealing with learning and performance, do it the right way or they'll end up doing it the ....

Raphael Chalvarian