The Many Ways to Copy/Paste in Excel


Imagine I'm trying to duplicate the date in cell A2. How many ways can I do this?

People that attend my seminars typically give me 'the deer in the headlights' look when I tell them that the Copy/Paste feature in Excel is a dinosaur.


1. From the Home tab, use the Copy and Paste buttons (you may want to get with the times if you are still using this method. Seriously.)

2. Right-mouse click to select the Copy/Paste options.

3. Keyboard shortcut: [Ctrl]+C then [Ctrl]+V

4. Click in cell A3 and press [Ctrl]+D

5. Click in cell A3 and press [Ctrl]+ ' (apostrophe)

6. (My favourite) Hold [Ctrl] and move cursor near edge of cell; when you see the cursor change, drag down to next cell.

I tell people to use and practice a method that they feel most comfortable with, and if method 1 is the one they're most comfortable with, that's OK by me. I don't judge.